Benji Alexander Palus - Figurative Paintings

The Lioness, no. 2 - Oil



The Work of Benji Alexander Palus – A Study of the Human Female

The work of Benji Alexander Palus explores the diverse complexities of feminine nature with an eclectic array of mood, color, setting and light, giving each painting a feel as unique as the women he studies. Says the artist, “Every woman has an infinite sea of emotions and facets to her personality. She can be a completely different person from one moment to the next and yet it is all her. This is what I try to capture; not the overall view of womanhood, but specific moments that occur once and are never repeated.”

Palus achieves this to great effect. His masterful use of varying sources of light complements his exhaustive palette, which ranges from subtle monochromatic blends to intense contrasts. His real magic, however, comes across in his portrayals of the figures themselves. He skillfully captures body language and facial expressions in a way that engages the viewer and resonates, sometimes with a feeling of familiarity and sometimes with a desire to unlock the mysteries of the women in his paintings. Palus' work is strongly based in reality, creating a natural, un-posed feel. Even his portraits have a candid quality that allows the viewer to connect with the subjects by humanizing them, while at the same time expressing the artist's reverence for the beauty that he finds in them. “My models are my best friends. Every painting is an exploration of the qualities in them that I so deeply love, that make them so beautiful. Without love, the work would be nothing, just as without their muse, the artist is nothing.”

--written by Kaol Springman